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Silverlight Development

Silverlight Development for Rich Web-based Applications

Silverlight Application Development Sydney, Melbourne AustraliaDeveloped and launched by Microsoft, Silverlight is an application framework used for writing, running and deploying rich internet applications. It is incorporated with features, as well as functionalities similar to that of Adobe Flash and its runtime environment works as a plugin for almost every web browsers of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Silverlight development is able to craft an array of solutions in multimedia, graphics, animation and audio & video streaming. Silverlight development aids the developers with CLI languages and development tools. Silverlight also serves as one of the two application development platforms for Windows Phone development. Silverlight symphonizes with Extensible Application Mark-up Language (XML) for vector graphics and animation, and requires Microsoft .NET framework for programming. Silverlight also supports high definition audio and video format, ensuring that your visitor gets the pleasing experience of your website. Further, Silverlight plays an important role in web design, web development, software development and Windows Phone development.

Silverlight Development Sydney

Webstralia is a web design and web development company based in Sydney with over 10 years of industry experience. During our tenure of over 10 years, we have gained the expertise skillset on various Microsoft technologies including Silverlight, and have delivered quality solutions in Silverlight development. Apart from quality, we are also focused to provide cutting-edge solutions that are able to meet the latest market trends. Encircling this, we constantly keep on investing and updating ourselves in the latest technologies. This has led us to gain the expert knowledge on all the versions of Silverlight, starting from Silverlight version 1.0 to the latest Silverlight version 5.0. This further allows us to deliver top-notch solutions in software development, web design and web development, rich internet application development and Windows Phone development based on Silverlight.

Webstralia’s Team of Silverlight Developers in Sydney can help you with:

  • Development of Rich Internet Applications for business
  • Development of universal Windows apps PCs, Phones, & Tablets
  • Development of websites with highest quality user experience
  • Development of immersive and interactive web applications
  • And much more…
  • Contact us with your requirement and know how we can help with an excellent Silverlight development solution.