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Ajax jQuery Development

Ajax jQuery Development for Excellent Web Solutions

Ajax JQuery Application Development Sydney, Melbourne AustraliaAjax is a group of interrelated web development method used in the development of interactive web-based application. Whereas on the other hand jQuery is a cross-browser compatible fast and concise JavaScript library designed to simply the scripting of HTML, which helps in the development of animations, communications with servers, transferring of documents and handling of events.

jQuery is proficient to control HTML documents, handling JavaScript events, creating animation effects, and adding Ajax functionality. Together, Ajax jQuery development allows to cooperate the code of different other pages without reloading the current page. Furthermore, Ajax library structure is simple and you don't require a prior knowledge of Ajax to use it. Whereas, jQuery is a great tool for creating effects like animations, image effects, user interface elements, Ajax requests, and DOM manipulations.

Primary Features of Ajax jQuery

  • CSS manipulation
  • DOM elements functionality, along with traversal and modifications
  • Animation effects
  • Extensibility advantage
  • Utilities - such as browser version and the each function

Benefits of jQuery Ajax Development

  • Robust and reliable solutions which lasts long
  • Search engine friendly content advantage, which helps to increase SEO
  • Better API uniformity with jQuery
  • Cross-browser compatible solution
  • No need to download special extension like Silverlight or Flash

Ajax jQuery Development Sydney

Webstralia as a web design and web development company is continually focused to deliver cutting-edge services to our clients across the Australia, and Ajax jQuery development has turn out to be the technology that has allowed us to provide quality solutions in web development and web-based application development. This separates us apart from our competition and enhances our competency in web design and web development.

Solutions with jQuery Ajax development are quickly to deploy and are more affordable as compared to Silverlight and Flash. Ajax and jQuery could be integrated with several other technologies such as PHP, Joomla, .NET etc. which is an add-on advantage. A website incorporated with animation effects certainly looks attractive and is able to captivate the visitors’ attention; however, such a website lacks in terms with search engine friendliness. Overcoming these obstacles, Ajax jQuery development helps to develop a website with animation effects and which is also search engine friendly.

Solutions with jQuery Ajax Development at Webstralia

  • SEO friendly website development
  • Corporate website
  • Social networking website
  • Blog site
  • Online catalogues
  • Ecommerce website
  • Photo galleries
  • And much more...
Contact us with your requirement and know how we can help with an excellent solution in Ajax jQuery development.