Why Your Ecommerce Store Should Be Responsive
Post Date :: 2016 August 10Category :: Ecommerce Website Design

There are hundreds of blogs and articles over the web explaining why your website should be responsive in the nature. Web pundits, statistical data and user behaviour also point out the importance of having a responsive ecommerce / business website. But, there are still some businesses that are yet to be convinced of the real rewards that come with a responsive design for the website, especially ecommerce websites.

Whatever is your business, whatever is the size, or whatever is your customer base, if you wish to succeed online, then you should have your ear to the ground in terms of market trends and how your targeted customers are behaving in the real time. Keeping yourself tuned with the prevailing SEO and Web Design trends will help you beat the competition.

Why Responsive Web Design is Necessary for Ecommerce Business?

Let’s consider, you are an Australian and own an ecommerce store. The relationship between Australians and their mobile phones is something that has been of great interest to website owners and marketers. As per the statistics over the web, a drastic change in the pattern of online engagement has been observed among the Australians with the evolution of smartphones. In 2011, there were only 21% people used the internet on their phone, whereas, today, more than 55% use the internet on their phones - a 161% increase in total. With no surprise, the number of adults using a smartphone has almost tripled, 25% in 2011 to 72% in 2015 – a 188% increase in total.

Let’s dig a litter deeper. According to the Onbile Group, folks use smartphones in the following places:

Where Do People use Smartphones?

With these statistics, it is clear that a smartphone is the most necessary element in one’s life. It helps them perform their day to day tasks such as shopping, socializing, paying bills, etc.

Reasons, Why You Should Have a Responsive Ecommerce Store

• Huge Market Out There for Responsive Sites

• Desktop Is Overtaken by Mobile

• Even Google Is Pushing You to Go Responsive

• Shoppers Are Likelier to Buy Your Mobile Site

• Responsive Design Means More Sales

Is Your Website Responsive? Test it for Free

If you want to check whether your website is responsive or mobile friendly, then you can try any or all these tools available in online such as Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Responsive Design Checker, & Screenfly. The process to find out a website’s responsiveness using these tools is quite effortless and seamless.

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