Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths Post Panda and Penguin Updates Busted
Post Date :: 2014 December 11Category :: SEO Myths

As a result of Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, the landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing and evolving. Webmasters, SEO experts, and Internet Marketing companies are busy in modifying their SEO strategies to protect their websites or their clients’ websites from being penalized or to recover penalized websites. With the release of SEO updates, Search Engine Optimization Myths also made its way to market. To help our readers easily differentiate between SEO Updates and SEO Myths here is the list of top five SEO Myths of 2014, and they are as follows:

Myth Number 1: Link Building is Dead-

Link building is a process of gaining external links to your website. After the release of Google’s Penguin Updates, which was designed to fight spam, the practice of gaining links from external websites and gaining as many links as fast as possible was believed to be dead, but the genuine link building is still alive. Addressing internet marketing professionals and communities across the globe, head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts stated that guest blogging was over as it produced many spammy and unnatural links.

Unfortunately, individuals took it in the other way and stopped genuine link building believing that it was too risky, and their website might be penalized. Link building is still the best practice, but on the condition that links come from authoritative websites and should be relevant.

Myth Number 2: Impact of Social Media Signals on Search Rankings-

This is one of the widest spread myths, as most individuals believe that social media signals can influence search rankings of websites. Google Plus posting can help your website get indexed faster; however, it will not boost your search rankings. Google has made an official announcement saying that social signals do not affect your SEO. Therefore, if you still believe that social signals will improve your search rankings, then that just isn't true.

Myth Number 3: Nofollow Links Have No Value-

This is one of the oldest myths that still persist in the world of internet marketing. Even though they don’t pass PageRank, nofollow links do have value in the same way the social media has value – they help publicize your brand to attract traffic. They are also important for your backlink profile. If you have Zero nofollow links, Google will raise a red flag believing that you are only generating links and not gaining them naturally. To conclude, Nofollow links certainly have great value.

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