SEO News: Google Panda 4.2 is Rolled-out
Post Date :: 2015 August 1Category :: Google Panda Update

Last Friday on July 24th 2015, Google started rolling out its new Panda Algorithm, Panda 4.2, which indeed is an improved version of Panda. The new update, as confirmed by Gary Illyes from Google, affects 2 to 3 % of all English search queries.

Additionally, as per Google, the update will be rolled-out slowly, and may take months to fully roll out. This thereby means that many sites may not notice any sort of impact in their ranking status as of now. This also means that the sites may not be affected at all. The sad news is that even Mozcast, the Moz’s search result monitoring tool, had shown no signs of unusual activity in the search results so far.

Unfortunately, this may be the daunting task for all the webmasters, as without the full roll-out of update it will be way too difficult to trace the affect of the update on the websites, hence as a webmaster you may have to keep a daily tap on your websites status.

By the comparison, the previous Panda Update, Panda 4.1 which was rolled out last year, had affected approx. 3 to 5% of English search queries, globally. The one before that had affected approx. 7.5 %. The Panda 4.2 has affected 2 to 3 % search queries, so far.

Overall, as of now it is difficult to judge about the sites that were penalized with earlier updates or have recovered from it, will get affected with the new updates or not. This is something that one can judge after a few months down the line.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted, as and when any new updates arrives regarding the Panda 4.2.