Search Engine Optimization Strategy Post Panda and Penguin Updates
Post Date :: 2014 December 6Category :: Search Engine Optimization

Recently introduced Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have really upset many small and large businesses. As an impact of new SEO algorithms, many websites that previously ranked better in search results for specific keywords lost their position, and eventually observed a sweeping downfall in their web-traffic and business. In some worst circumstances, websites were so severely penalized that they were knocked back several hundred pages.

According to experienced Webmasters and SEO experts, the updates are not a penalty and are strictly algorithms, designed to enhance end-users experience. If the Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates are still devaluing your websites because of some unknown reasons, then this is the time to summarize a powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy to overcome the effect of new SEO Algorithms.

As the Google’s new SEO updates purely accentuate on high-quality and original content as well as a unique and relevant link building, here in this write-up, we will look at the most effective ways available to any business to succeed with Internet Marketing in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Generate High Quality & Original Content

The Google’s Panda update is all about high quality and original content. It is programmed to stop websites with low quality, copied content from working their way into Google’s top search results. To overcome the effect of penguin and panda updates and to rebuild your brand within your niche, you need to generate high quality and user-centric content. Producing quality content will also help you attract quality backlinks, gradually improving your website’s ranking in SERPs. In today’s competitive SEO environment, producing and publishing low quality content, especially post Penguin and Panda updates, will fetch no results.

Concentrate on Genuine and More Relevant Links

The Google’s Penguin update is programmed to penalize websites spamming its search results. Therefore, stop buying backing links or gaining them from link networks designed mainly to boost Google ranking. What’s require, post penguin update, is an organized approach towards gaining high quality backlinks from a wide variety of sources. Make sure you receive backlinks from a wide variety of resources, but on a condition that they are natural and relevant.

Summarize a Powerful Social Media Strategy

Having more than 1.79 billion users on its side, the social networks have emerged as a game changer. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. have gained immense popularity as powerful marketing platforms. Use social networks to promote your products and services, and to know what your targeted customers are looking for. Either small or large, every business is in need of a powerful social media strategy instant and massive exposure.

If you believe that summarizing a powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy Post Panda and Penguin Updates is not your cup of tea, then hire an Internet Marketing Company having a proper understanding of Google’s SEO guidelines. To implement an SEO, PPC, and SEM strategy for your business, contact Webstralia at