Microsoft HoloLens with Majong’s Minecraft in Action at E3 2015
Post Date :: 2015 June 24Category :: Microsoft HoloLens

Chances are that many have missed out this year’s E3 2015, and if you are among the same then you’ve missed out one of the most fascinating consumer electronic product of the decade, i.e., Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a unique Augmented Reality Eyewear, however unlike the other VR Gear such as Oculus Rift VR, Sony’s Project Morpheus, etc., which creates the Virtual Reality in the headset, the HoloLens creates the Augmented Reality in the wearer’s surrounding, of course for the wearer only.

Check the above video, highlighting the power of Microsoft’s HoloLens while playing the Majong’s popular Minecraft video game in action.