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Post Date :: 2017 June 8Category :: Wordpress Development
Have you decided to start a WordPress blog? Do you want to set-up a WordPress blog on your own, but don’t know where to start from? If this is the case with you, then we are here to help. Via this blog, we will guide you how to start and set-up a WordPress blog like an expert in a very less time. In this tutorial blog, we have mentioned step-by-step guidelines on how to develop a WordPress blog. So, Let’s Get Started! Start a WordPress Blog. Setting up a WordPress blog is quite easy, but f...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2017 May 4Category :: Wordpress Development
WordPress is undoubtedly the most loved web development platform from small to large sized businesses across the globe. There are plenty of reasons for this unconditional love towards WordPress, but affordability, ease of customization and easy availability of skilled resources are the three main reasons behind the popularity of the platform. In return, WordPress constantly updates itself with new bug fixes, functionalities, features, and security to make it better with the time. But, being an e...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2016 October 12Category :: Wordpress Development
Amid so many open source web development platforms, if you have decided to rely on WordPress, then this is one of your best decisions towards online success. WordPress is an extremely easy to customize open source platform that can molded as per your business requirements and web trends. But, the next most important thing that you need to concentrate is about hiring experienced WordPress customization and development company in your surroundings. WordPress is undoubtedly the best open source pl...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2016 February 24Category :: Wordpress Development
WordPress need no introduction. Revered as one of the best open sources for website development platform by developers and end users, WordPress is powering the success of more than 74.6 Million sites over the web. This mighty content management system (CMS) released a security and maintenance update for WordPress 4.4.2. The sole objective behind this update was to make the platform more secure and user-friendly. So, what’s new in WordPress 4.4.2? Let’s Find Out. What’s In? What’s Ne...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 September 1Category :: WordPress 4.3 Release Candidate
As you most likely be aware that open source development framework, WordPress always keep on updating itself to ensure that the developers get the maximum flexibility and freedom while creating the website and web applications. Considering this, last Wednesday on July 29th, 2015, WordPress release yet another version, WordPress 4.3 Release Candidate (RC). It was made available to the developer communities, as well as to the general public. WordPress 4.3 is set to release on August 18th, 2015. ...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 December 20Category :: Wordpress Development
In the year 2003, the WordPress initiated its journey with a single bit of code to improve the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. After 11 years, today, WordPress is the most powerful, secure, user-friendly, affordable, and easily customizable open source platform available ever. There are more than 80 million WordPress websites over the web powered by more than 35,000 plugins that are downloaded for more than 494,000,000 and counting...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 August 28Category :: Wordpress Development
Serving as one of the most powerful open source blog engines, WordPress is powered by popular PHP and MySQL. As a blog engine / blog tool, it is often customized as a content management system (CMS), and it today empowers over 22% of the Internet’s “Top 10 Million websites.” It is inevitable to say that, WordPress development today serves as the most preferred CMS solution by SMEs, webmasters, web development companies and industries across the world. When talking about why WordPress devel...Continue Reading