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Post Date :: 2015 May 4Category :: Android App Development
Mobile Application Development has certainly stormed the Silicon Valley and, as a result, to which bespoke mobile applications are in great demand. Mobile applications for beneficial for every business; however, it takes an agile app development company to turn around. Here are some of the top rewards inherent to mobile apps, which make them so essential to businesses in 2015. Reason #1: Marketing Tool As the potential market of mobile apps is enormous, getting a new product or service into ...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 April 15Category :: Android App Development
The realm of the internet is getting bigger and bigger, day by day. While a few years back, people were using computers and laptops, and today, the same people are using smartphones. Smartphones have become smarter, and there are an umpteen number of apps available. Whether it is Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android, people can find countless apps that allow them to do the same thing they would on a desktop. For instance, instead of checking the bank balance online, most people these days view...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 March 21Category :: Android App Development
Some businesses still believe that having a mobile-friendly website is enough to target audiences and to rationalize their business in the world dominated by smartphones. However, the other side of the coin indicates that custom mobile applications for businesses are equally important to interact with the customers directly and to reap many advantages that only a mobile app can offer over a mobile friendly website. In the age of smartphones, as an entrepreneur, having a mobile friendly website...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 March 18Category :: Android App Development
Deciding to get a mobile app developed in order to facilitate customers is a top priority these days for companies worldwide. Mobile apps are mandatory for the sake of your business because having just a website is not enough anymore. A large proportion of people spend a large proportion of their time on mobile devices, and failing to address these people can be a lost opportunity. Companies, whether large or small, need to stay in sync with the technological trends-which is mobile these days-in...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 August 14Category :: Android App Development
Android is a revolutionary smartphone operating system (OS) nurtured by the search giant Google. Unlike its competitor, the Apple’s iOS, Android is not a device-dedicated OS, and more importantly, it is an open source platform. As an OS, android is a software stack, which includes application programming interfaces, libraries and middleware. Integrated with numerous cutting-edge technologies, Android supports thousands of applications and games. Moreover, Android is able to circumscribe almost...Continue Reading