Apple Developer Conference 2015 - Key Expectations
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Held in Cupertino, Calif., Apple will host its 2015 World Wide Developer Conference from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco. More than 5,000 app developers / app developing companies will attend it, and there will be a lot of technical sessions held during the week.

It is fairly expected that the WWDC will include the key highlights such as the upcoming iOS 9 for iPhones, and iPads, as well as the Mac OS X10.11 for Macs. So, apart from the operating systems, what will be the key expectations in this year WWDC. Here is the list of the key expectations that we will most likely see / hear at the WWDC 2015:

iOS 9

It is highly likely that Apple’s mobile operating system will get revamped this year as well, and we will see the new iOS. It is rumored that the upcoming iOS won’t carry any drastic changes, yet instead it may get much easier to work around the interaction between various devices including the mobiles, tablets, and computers.

Besides, the iOS 9 could also implement the Apple’s Force Touch feature, which we may later see at the event. We may as well see the improvements in the Apple’s keyboard and Siri. Additionally, it is also rumored that Apple is coming up with sort of similar feature / service such as Google Cards.

Mac OS X 10.11

With a major update as Mac OS X 10.11, Yosemeti last year, we may see new overhauls in the operating system. Herein, we may see real-time syncing of applications between the Macs and iPhones and iPads alike. For instance, you are working on an email on iPhone, you can finish the same on Mac and iPad, and vice-versa.

Beats / iTunes

Apple had bought Beats, the headphone maker and online streaming music provider last year at $ billion last year. However, we haven ‘t seen any such integration till now. Most likely, it will change wherein Apple may directly compete with Spotify wherein instead of just buying the songs, the users can now also stream them with a small fee a month.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch was announced earlier this year in April, yet they are continuously working on its software updates. Apple WWDC will allow the developers to get a detailed preview of the Apple’s Watch software development kit, which will allow the developers to develop the apps for it.

Tools for Developers

Last year at WWDC, Apple showcased Swift, which is a new programming language for Apple that will allow the developers to code smoothly and quickly with less efforts. Probably this year we may get more details regarding the same.

Apple HomeKit

Apple talked about Apple’s HomeKit last year, yet we haven’t heard any news for the same so far. Chances are that we may hear about it during this year WWDC.

Apple Pay

With the launch of Android Pay, announced in late May, and the availability of Samsung’s mobile payment service, called Samsung Pay, there are fare chances that we may see some additions in Apple’s Apple Pay, wherein the company might introduced the rewards program for the same.

Apple TV

It has been a longtime, since people are waiting for a new Apple TV. The chances are very slim, yet we may see a new Apple TV probably much slimmer and sort of similar to Google’s ChromeCast.

Have I missed out anything? Is there anything that you would like to add or correct? Please leave your comments/ feedbacks below….

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