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Post Date :: 2016 May 27Category :: Responsive Website Design
After understanding and respecting the need of the smartphone age, if you have decided to transform your simple business website into a responsive one, then it is a great move. As mobile search has surpassed the desktop search, creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional: it’s a necessity. Moreover, mobile-friendliness is one of the official ranking factors according to Google. Hence, responsive website design is nothing fancy, but it is a crucial deciding factor that can make or ...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2016 May 16Category :: Web Design
Web design trends are similar to fashion trends. Every year, new web design trends outclass the existing web design trends; forcing web designers to adopt new to offer new. Sometimes the trend changes due to necessity, whereas most times, it is because of industry shifts – for instance, a change from skeuomorphism to flat design. The decision to adopt the new web design trends and standards solely depends on the two most important factors – the needs of your users and your business. Keeping...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2016 May 4Category :: Responsive Website Design
Do you have a business website? Is it responsive? If not, you should certainly consider getting responsive web design. Responsive web design is the trend. It allows the website to be accessible uniformly across the range of devices. This means, there is no need to have separate websites for mobile users, table users, or even iPad users! Responsive websites adept themselves to the different screen sizes and orientations. Whether the website is accessed from a computer, mobile device, tablet PC,...Continue Reading