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Post Date :: 2015 June 24Category :: Microsoft HoloLens
Chances are that many have missed out this year’s E3 2015, and if you are among the same then you’ve missed out one of the most fascinating consumer electronic product of the decade, i.e., Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft’s HoloLens is a unique Augmented Reality Eyewear, however unlike the other VR Gear such as Oculus Rift VR, Sony’s Project Morpheus, etc., which creates the Virtual Reality in the headset, the HoloLens creates the Augmented Reality in the wearer’s surrounding, of cours...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 June 5Category :: Apple Developer Conference 2015
Held in Cupertino, Calif., Apple will host its 2015 World Wide Developer Conference from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco. More than 5,000 app developers / app developing companies will attend it, and there will be a lot of technical sessions held during the week. It is fairly expected that the WWDC will include the key highlights such as the upcoming iOS 9 for iPhones, and iPads, as well as the Mac OS X10.11 for Macs. So, apart from the operating systems, what will be the key expectations in this...Continue Reading