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Post Date :: 2015 May 26Category :: windows 10 app development
Codenamed Threshold or known better as Windows 10 is an upcoming operating system developed by Microsoft. Almost everyone, especially in the computer field has heard the upcoming Microsoft Windows. Codenamed Threshold, or (now) known better as Windows 10 it is developed by Microsoft as a part of Windows NT family. Scheduled to be release somewhere in mid-2015, it will be a free upgrade for the consumer users of genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Yet, the less known is about the various editio...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 May 21Category :: .Net Development
Most times, it has been observed that readily available web applications and software often doesn’t satisfy every business purpose. Such problems repeatedly dread small and medium businesses, because these businesses have innovative business requirements coming from their customers and escalating work procedures. In such a critical scenario, readily available business application and software hardly satisfy the business requirements. This forces companies to contact a software development comp...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 May 15Category :: iPhone App Development
iPhone Application Development is a job of an expert. For the development of an impeccable iPhone application and game, you need a team skilled mobile app developer, having proficiency in all the aspects of a premium iPhone app and game development. Furthermore, the job of an app development company or an iPhone app developer doesn’t end after the app development, as it continues until the successful submission of your developed app in the respective app store. Submitting an iPhone app in an...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 May 11Category :: PHP Development
Even with the arrival so many different web development software, PHP is still one of the leading web development platforms. Whether, you are planning to develop an online store, a job portal or a complex business website, PHP guarantees robust, secure, and reliable web solutions without breaking your bank account. However, behind the unstoppable success of PHP, there are different frameworks that the boost PHP web and application development. PHP frameworks offer a lot of reusable code and libr...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2015 May 4Category :: Android App Development
Mobile Application Development has certainly stormed the Silicon Valley and, as a result, to which bespoke mobile applications are in great demand. Mobile applications for beneficial for every business; however, it takes an agile app development company to turn around. Here are some of the top rewards inherent to mobile apps, which make them so essential to businesses in 2015. Reason #1: Marketing Tool As the potential market of mobile apps is enormous, getting a new product or service into ...Continue Reading