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Post Date :: 2014 November 26Category :: Mobile App Development
It is quite evident that mobile is the new digital frenzy for brands everywhere. Multinational corporations, medium to small businesses, and even start-ups are all blending mobile apps into their business strategy. Before diving into a mobile app development project, however, businesses should first confer these five questions: Is in-house development viable or should it be outsourced? While it is viable to develop a mobile app in-house or through outsourcing, the acute advantage of each lie...Continue Reading
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Post Date :: 2014 November 3Category :: iPhone App Development
Launched in 2007 by Apple Inc., iPhone is a marvelous smart phone blended with numerous features and advantages. Its unique operating system iOS (iPhone Operating System), has created a mobile revolution in the market. Additionally, despite of the availability of millions of applications in Appleā€™s app store, iPhone is also able to meet the requirements of almost every business enterprise and individual by supporting various tailored and customized apps. On the other hand, the mobile revolut...Continue Reading