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Post Date :: 2014 October 31Category :: PHP Development
PHP powers more websites than any other web development languages available today. This clearly indicates that people trust this Open Source language. If you are contemplating about getting a website built for yourself, then PHP certainly will not make a bad choice. But why should you choose PHP for your website? Well, there are several good reasons for it. Before we look at some of those reasons, let us have a brief idea about PHP. Open Source server-side scripting language—that is what PHP ...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 October 27Category :: Importance of Website Color
Category :: html5 mobile app development
Since its launch in 1990, Hypertext Markup Language or also known as HTML has been one of the most preferred, foremost and proven platforms for the development of scalable websites, web designing and web application. Designers, developers as well as web designing and development companies around the world always considered HTML as the most essential part in the development process of a website and web applications. Furthermore, since its inception, HTML has always been updated to encompass the ...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 October 3Category :: Mobile App Development
Recently, some of my friends and I decided to go to a nice place and spend some quality time. As we were thinking about which place to go to, one of my friends pulled out his iPhone and launched an app, and started reading about interesting places that we can visit. Once we decided a place, my friend used the same iPhone app to arrange for the hotel, car, and our flight. The entire trip plan was set up in the matter of minutes. The app seemed like a very good iPhone app. Are you thinking about ...Continue Reading