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Post Date :: 2014 August 28Category :: Wordpress Development
Serving as one of the most powerful open source blog engines, WordPress is powered by popular PHP and MySQL. As a blog engine / blog tool, it is often customized as a content management system (CMS), and it today empowers over 22% of the Internet’s “Top 10 Million websites.” It is inevitable to say that, WordPress development today serves as the most preferred CMS solution by SMEs, webmasters, web development companies and industries across the world. When talking about why WordPress devel...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 August 22Category :: PHP Development
Hypertext Preprocessor or commonly known as PHP is one of the most extensively-used open source scripting languages used for the development and deployment of dynamic websites, web pages and web applications. PHP has been considered as the most valuable tool, used by numerous developers right across Sydney and throughout Australia. Being one of the oldest open source scripting languages, PHP is considered as the core of Open Source technologies. It empowers most open source development framework...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 August 14Category :: Android App Development
Android is a revolutionary smartphone operating system (OS) nurtured by the search giant Google. Unlike its competitor, the Apple’s iOS, Android is not a device-dedicated OS, and more importantly, it is an open source platform. As an OS, android is a software stack, which includes application programming interfaces, libraries and middleware. Integrated with numerous cutting-edge technologies, Android supports thousands of applications and games. Moreover, Android is able to circumscribe almost...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 August 8Category :: Software Development
With most of the businesses going online today, one of the most primary questions prevailing in almost every business owner’s mind is When Does My Business Need Software Development Services? Being in the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry for over 9 years, and working as the requirement / business / technical analyst, I understand this – soft of – confuse state of mind of almost every customer, before they even think of getting their business online. What most peopl...Continue Reading