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Post Date :: 2014 July 31Category :: .Net Development
For entities looking for a reliable website solution, numerous options are available today. There are Microsoft technologies as well as Open Source technologies that can deliver exceptional website solutions. ASP.NET, .NET, as well as PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and several others can help create superlative web solutions. If money is not a constraint, ASP.NET is highly recommended for secure website solutions. Below are my views about why ASP.NET is a good choice for web development than any other...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 July 29Category :: Custom Software Development
Businesses (no matter how big or small, newly established or well established) in this technological epoch will need to rely on a computer software at some point of time. The kind of application they need to use could range from native applications that improve various business functions like document management, finance, human resources, stock and inventory, to web application like customer relationship management, content management system, and other similar enterprise management apps. These b...Continue Reading
Post Date :: 2014 July 11Category :: Software Development
Since over a decade, requirement of custom software development has become a must-urge for almost every industry in Australia and around the world. The reason is pretty simple – readymade software’s are not always able to meet the specific demand. Custom software solutions are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the specific business enterprise. Additionally, solutions via custom software development are 100 % customisable and can be upgraded and / or moulded as per the indust...Continue Reading